I am a Master’s in Computing Science candidate in the Maple Lab at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. My past and present roles at the university include: a research assistant, a Teaching Assistant for CMPUT 201 (Practical Programming Methodology), an Executive Producer for CMPUT 250 (Computers and Games), an Executive Producer for INT D 450 (Computers and Games Capstone), a Game Assistant for INT D 350 (Game Design Principles and Practice), and the Curator of the Student Games Archive.

My past and current research include Programming Languages and Static Analysis with Dr. Karim Ali, Interactivity and Narratology in Games with Dr. Astrid Ensslin, Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Strategy games with Dr. Michael Buro, and Classroom Community with Dr. Carrie Demmans Epp.

Presenting SWAN (SWift ANalysis) at SPLASH '18, Boston

My passions include game design, leadership, teaching, and community-building. I am leading an independent game studio, Caldera Interactive, and producing “Project Turing” (working title). I am an elected Vice President and Board Member for Interactive Arts Alberta. I was a Producer, Game Designer, and Lead Developer with TEAM JEFF; and I love to volunteer with organizations like the Awesome Foundation in my spare time.

I am also very interested in how rapidly evolving technologies affect our use and understanding of identity, ethics, privacy, security, and communications. My other hobbies include homebrewing, music, cooking (particularly using sous vide or smoking techniques), video games, and marksmanship.

TEAM JEFF presents > turing at Telus World of Science Dark Matters 2018