• Research: Unit Interaction Analysis

      Independent research examining whole-of-system analysis of games using unit interactions as the bases for building situational understanding and representations. The foundations for this research and its utility in classifying and understanding games and unit interactions in games, particularly multiply-metaleptic games which defy traditional narratological or interactive taxonomy, were presented at HUCON ‘18 and DiHuCon ‘19. Supervised by Dr. Astrid Ensslin.

      tags: research  narratology  projects  active 
  • Research: StarCraft 2 AI Situational Awareness

      A research project creating a StarCraft II AI bot based on Command Center with situational awareness and hierarchical strategic planning capabilities. Includes build order and tech trees, map analysis, opponent information uncertainty, realtime disruptions, and threat vectors. Supervised by Dr. Michael Buro; NSERC USRA funded.

      tags: projects  games  starcraft2  active 

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