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Project Colony

    A new game project featuring gorgeous pixel art, atmospheric soundscapes, and an unforgettable adventure. Stay tuned for more information, concept art, and prototypes coming summer 2018!

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Student Games Archive

    This is an initiative in two parts to archive and display standalone digital student works created at the University of Alberta as part of the Game Development Certificate. The archival portion is in the works through the library and the website is currently under design and development. The website will display students’ games and information about them, and the members involved along with their roles, as well as other useful information related to game design, game development, and the certificate.

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Research: StarCraft 2 AI Situational Awareness

    A research project creating a StarCraft II AI bot based on Command Center with situational awareness and hierarchical strategic planning capabilities. Includes build order and tech trees, map analysis, opponent information uncertainty, realtime disruptions, and threat vectors. Supervised by Dr. Michael Buro; NSERC USRA funded.

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