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Research: Verification of Custom Hash and Comparator Functions in C++

    A research project examining custom hash and comparator functions in C++, their usages and semantics in practice, and formally verifying their soundness and correctness using static analysis. This research is funded in part by an NSERC CGS-M and a Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship.

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Research: SWAN (SWift ANalysis)

    Can I detect security vulnerabilities in my Swift app? In this work, we have been developing SWAN, a program analysis framework for Swift programs based on WALA. The framework enables a wide range of static analyses, from simple constant propagation to sophisticated taint anlaysis using the powerful infrastructure that WALA provides.

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Research: Unit Interaction Analysis

    Independent research examining whole-of-system analysis of games using unit interactions as the bases for building situational understanding and representations. The foundations for this research and its utility in classifying and understanding games and unit interactions in games, particularly multiply-metaleptic games which defy traditional narratological or interactive taxonomy, were presented at HUCON ‘18 and DiHuCon ‘19. Supervised by Dr. Astrid Ensslin.

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